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Youth Registrant Program Discontinued

Youth Registrant Program Discontinued

During the 121st Congress in Winston-Salem, North Carolina many topics of discussion were covered and several actions were taken. One of the discussions taken up was a Bylaw change that had been unanimously approved by the Board of Trustees at the Spring Leadership meeting. The discussions covered the various sections of the Bylaws relating to the Youth Registrant program.

The Youth Registrant program was the predecessor to the current Junior Membership program. All Youth Registrants are potential members when they reach the age of 18. Their applications and documentation were processed along with member applications. They were not issued a National Number nor did they have any membership privileges. At the point they turned 18, it was required that the State Society send in notification requesting the enrolling of the Youth Registrant as a member.

It was determined that with the creation of the Junior Membership program the Youth Registrant program was no longer needed. A Junior Member has limited membership privileges and is issued a National Number. At age 18 a Junior Member automatically becomes a Regular Member and no paperwork is required for this status change.

After a brief discussion on the floor, the delegates voted to accept the proposed changes to eliminate the Youth Registrant program effective at the end of business for the 121st Congress.


What this means.

Those Youth Registrants who have been received prior to the end of business at the 121st Congress (July 13, 2011) will be processed and kept on file. They will be allowed to enroll as a Regular Member once they reach 18 years of age, provide the proper notification to the SAR National Headquarters through a State Society, and submit payment of dues for the current year. At age 18, they have 10 years in which to activate their membership. Another option is for those in the Youth Registrant list to transfer their status over to Junior Membership at any point prior to age 18.

All Youth Registrant applications received after the end of business at the 121st Congress will be returned or at the option of the State Society entered as Junior Members provided the appropriate monies are sent to the SAR National Headquarters.

If there are any questions, please contact the SAR National Headquarters.