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William Seward Webb-2nd President General

Dr. William Seward Webb was a physician and businessman.  He was born on January 31, 1851 and graduated from the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in 1875. In 1883 he married Eliza Osgood Vanderbilt, daughter of William H. Vanderbilt.  He and Eliza had three sons and one daughter.  After practicing medicine for a few years, Webb began a career in finance, starting the firm W.S. Webb & Co.  Later, through his father-in-law, he became involved in the railroad industry.  In addition to his business ventures, Webb was also the Inspector General of the Vermont Militia and served in the Vermont legislature. A property owner in Vermont and the Adirondacks, the Webbs also owned a home at 680 Fifth Avenue in New York which was later sold to John D. Rockefeller.  Webb, NY is named after Dr. Webb.


Dr. William Seward Webb was appointed as the President General upon Lucius Deming’s resignation in 1889.  He was elected President General during the first Congress in Louisville in 1890 and also served during the 1891-92 year.



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“William Seward Webb”