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Who Was the 2ND Signer?

josiah BartlettJosiah Bartlett was born 21 Nov 1729 in Amesbury, Massachusetts to Stephen and Hannah (Webster) Bartlett. From the time he was a boy, he was determined to become a doctor, and after five years of study, opened his medical practice in Kingston, New Hampshire in 1750. In 1754, he married Mary Bartlett (a cousin) and there were twelve children born of this union.
He was appointed a justice of the peace by Governor John Wentworth in 1767. He was also appointed a colonel of a regiment of militia and a member of the Provincial Assembly as a representative from Kingston. But when trouble began to develop between the colonies and England, he was unhesitating in taking the side of the colonies and working actively for independence.
The signature of Josiah Bartlett appears at the top of the first column in the right-hand corner of the Declaration of Independence, and he holds the distinction of being the first person to have signed the document after John Hancock.
Josiah Bartlett died in Kingston, New Hampshire on 19 May 1795. His statue unveiled in 1888, stands in the public square of Amesbury, Massachusetts.