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The Thomas Jefferson Bond, Jr., Memorial Photographic Award is Established

Thomas J. Bond, Jr., was a member of the District of Columbia Society, a former Registrar General, and a candidate for Secretary General at the time of his passing on May 29, 1997.  During the 107th Congress, Mrs. Wilma M. Bond announced the establishment of the Thomas Jefferson Bond, Jr. Memorial Photographic Award.   This award is to be presented each year on Recognition Night during the Annual Congress.   It is designed to recognize and reward the Compatriot whose photographic entry is selected as most representative of patriotism.  Judging the entries will be the Editor of the SAR Magazine, the Historian General, and the Chairman of the Historic Sites and Celebrations Committee.

The endowment for the award was presented by Mrs. Bond and invested to yield at least $1,000 annually for presentation to the winner.  Should the earnings be less than the $1,000, the award is be reduced by increments of $100.

Photographs must be 5 in. x7 in., unmatted and unframed, and may be in color or black-and-white.  Only one entry per Compatriot will be accepted.   Entries must be received no later than February 15 by the NSSAR Executive Director, with judging to take place at the time of the Spring Leadership Meeting.   All entries become the property of the National Society and will not be returned.