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SAR Ready to Begin Phase II on Center for Advancing America’s Heritage


On July 6th, at the 122nd National Congress in Phoenix, Arizona, the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) membership voted unanimously to begin Phase II renovation for the Center for Advancing America's Heritage (CAAH) on Main Street’s Museum Row in Louisville, Kentucky

The approved motion allows for renovation of part A of the two-part Phase II project. The first or “Part A” renovation expense has been projected at the cost of 3.5 million dollars. It will allow us to occupy the facility with a modified museum/gallery, with education programs and staffing space, and the ability to lease the facility for events. The project is scheduled to begin Fall 2012.

A total of $5.5 million is needed to complete Phase II (A) and Phase II (B). Efforts are underway to raise the remaining $2 million that would complete Phase II (B) with a full functioning Educational Center, banquet space, roof garden, and completely finish out the museum/gallery.

Total funds raised to date are $7,537,239 for the entire Library and CAAH project. Recently added to this amount is a $1.5 million gift from SAR member Sam Powell and his wife Karen; and the SAR has been named as a beneficiary of the Anne Lampman estate.

Our challenge for the remainder of 2012 and 2013 is to raise an additional $1 million from our members and friends. Please share our success with your colleagues and friends. Reach out to your employers and business connections, open doors for our development team, and dig deep to help us finish this campaign.

Successful meetings in Louisville recently have resulted in increased enthusiasm and local giving. We are getting closer to seeing our dream realized as we complete the initial 10 million dollar campaign goal.