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SAR Patriot Grave Marking Ceremony - Colonel Frederick Hambright


SAR Patriot Grave Marking Ceremony - Colonel Frederick Hambright
Grover, NC – October 6, 2009


It was perfect juxtaposition of circumstances - a Revolutionary War hero who fought at Kings Mountain, the proximity of  the National Military Park where Col. Frederick Hambright fought so bravely, the presence of President General Ed Butler who is a documented descendant of Col. Hambright, a Presbyterian cemetery that preserved the grave sites of many Revolutionary War soldiers, and a hosting SAR Chapter that organized a truly impressive ceremony.  As SAR Patriot Grave Marking ceremonies go, this was one for the record books.

Col. Frederick Hambright fought at Kings Mountain, having assumed command of the Lincoln County Regiment while its regular commander, Col. William Graham was elsewhere.  His troops joined forces with the Overmountain Men who had assembled at Sycamore Shoals only days before and were positioned to attack the main Loyalist position on the mountain.  During the battle, Col. Frederick took a musket ball in the thigh, but continued to fight with blood in his boots - he refused to quit the battleground.  The Battle at Kings Mountains was a huge Patriot success and a much-needed victory in a series of clashes which had been heavily tilted toward the British.

Col. Hambright’s tenacity and singleness of purpose was celebrated in a memorial ceremony that included members of the SAR, DAR, CAR and a number of other Patriotic organizations, including the Hambright Family Association.  Organized by the Mecklenburg Chapter, NCSSAR, the SAR Patriot Grave Marking combined people, place, and ceremonial splendor to honor the man who has been called "A Terror to the Tories, a True Patriot."  President General Ed Butler and his distant cousin, Anne Ratcliffe, unveiled the SAR marker in front of the gathered attendees, while a large cohort of SAR Color Guard members presented the colors and acted as an honor guard.

A complete Photo Gallery that chronicles this event can be viewed here.    

Photographs were taken by LCDR Bob Yankle, Webmaster and Principal Photographer, NCSSAR  2009 - 2010 and member of the NSSAR Historic Sites and Celebrations Committee.  You can view a select few images from the event in the gallery below.  Click on an image to enlarge it in your viewer.

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