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National Americanism Committee announces 2011 Contest Score Sheets and Additional Award


By: Mike Tomme, Chairman & Mark C Anthony, Vice Chairman
The National Americanism Committee has finalized the changes to the Americanism and President General’s Streamer contest score sheets for the 2011 contest year.  This annual contest runs from January 1, 2011 to December 31, 2011 and the winners will be announced at the 2012 Annual Congress in Phoenix.
In addition to the change in the score sheet, the Americanism Committee approved an additional President General’s Cup Award at the March 2011 Leadership Meeting.  Based on a review of three year’s worth of contest entries and results, the committee determined that small active chapters had an inherent advantage in winning the President General’s Cup since it is based on a per capita calculation.  In effect, a large chapter that had a good deal of activity and generated a lot of points could not compete with a small chapter that was active but generated a smaller amount of points.  
To that end, the Americanism Committee approved the awarding of a President General’s Cup for chapters with membership between 1 and 80 members and a Cup for chapters with more than 81 members.  This change will become effective with the 2011 contest so only the single President General’s Cup will be awarded at the Winston-Salem Congress in 2011. 
With respect to the score sheet changes, the committee listened to the concerns and suggestions received from various compatriots and other committees received over the course of 2010.  While some of these changes are aesthetic in nature (wording, formatting, data entry space, etc.), there are two major changes that need to be discussed:
  1. The form has been reduced from 20 tabs used for data entry to 16 tabs in response to concerns that the form was too long.  By reducing from 20 to 16 tabs, the committee was able to retain the requirement that a chapter must score points in at least 75% of the provided tabs to be eligible for the President General’s Cup and have this requirement result in a whole number instead of a partial number which would require an interpretation of what partial credit would be needed to qualify. 
  2. Additional formulaic protections have been introduced to limit the points that can be earned based on contributions to the SAR.  These limitations had been in place prior to 2009 and were inadvertently left off of the 2009 and 2010 forms.

With respect to the reduction of tabs, two of the reductions were due to logical reductions due to similar activities.  For 2011, the distribution of the SAR History CD and the Keyhole to History CD are now placed on the same tab since they are essentially the same activity and Classroom Presentations have been combined onto the Speakers Bureau tab since they are essentially counting the same activity.

One reduction was the result of a request of the National Historic Sites, Celebrations and Reenactors Committee.  This request was for the elimination of the tab that counted points for the initial marking of Revolutionary Era Sites which are now few and far between and provided a natural advantage to states on the east coast.  For 2011, this tab was eliminated and provision made for any future initial marking on the existing tab for Special Observances.
The final reduction in tabs is the elimination of the DAR Liaison tab.  The accumulation of points for joint acti