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NSSAR Partners in Patriotism Program

NSSAR Partners in Patriotism program is for the SAR to partner with any Veterans organization i.e. American Legion, VFW, AMVETS or one of the numerous others veterans groups in grave rededications, grave markings, parades, flag retirements or any program that the SAR conducts with the help from the Veterans or any Veterans organization that ask the SAR for help in conducting an event. Most important thing is to report the event to the Patriotic Outreach Committee Chairman or the Partners in Patriotism Vice Chairman. This program runs from 01 June to 31 May of each year.


The following Societies and Chapters received a Certificate for completing a Partners in Patriotism event between June 01, 2011 and May 31, 2011.

State Society
South Coast Chapter
Sons of Liberty Chapter
Gold Country Chapter
Kern Valley Chapter
Riverside Chapter
Silicon Valley Chapter
Santa Barbara Chapter
Sacramento Chapter
Delta Chapter
Orange County Chapter
Caloosa Chapter
Saramana Chapter
State Society
Marshes of Glynn Chapter
Marquis de Lafayette Chapter
Ocmulgee Chapter
State Society
Anthony Halberstadt Chapter
Benjamin Franklin Chapter
Clarence A. Cook Chapter
Daniel Guthrie Chapter
David Benton Chapter
John Hay Chapter
Ohio Valley Chapter
William Henry Harrison Chapter
George Mason Chapter
Governor Isaac Shelby Chapter
Ozark Mountain Chapter
Spirit of St. Louis Chapter
Halifax Resolves Chapter
Outer Banks Chapter
State Society
Cincinnati Chapter
Western Reserve Society Chapter
Lafayette Chapter
Camp Charlotte Chapter
Northwest Territory Chapter
General Henry Knox Chapter
Lewis and Clark Chapter
Col. William Bratton Chapter
McKinney Chapter #63
Denton Chapter #23
Plano Chapter #37
Heart of Texas Chapter #26
Hill Country Chapter
Ambassador Fletcher Warren Chapter
San Antonio Chapter
Col. Benjamin Cleveland Chapter
State Society
Culpeper Minute Men Chapter
James Monroe Chapter
George Mason Chapter
Spokane Chapter No. 1
Respectfully Submitted by : 
James C. Arnold, Patriotic Outreach Chairman
Paul Wilke, Vice Chairman Partners in Patriotism