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NSSAR Color Guard reinstituting The SAR Colorguardsman magazine - Updated


The NSSAR Color Guard Committee is pleased to announce the publication of “The SAR Colorguardsman” newsletter.  This newsletter is published quarterly by the Color Guard Committee as an online newsletter.  No individual subscriptions are taken.

The link to the issue is on the ColorGuard Committee page.  All future publications will be placed there as well according to the schedule listed below.


The NSSAR Color Guard is reinstituting The SAR Colorguardsman magazine as an E-Magazine.  The publication schedule is set for quarterly issues that will be distributed via email and be available on the committee webpage.   Each issue will be published in a PDF format (Adobe Acrobat). 
The plan is for The SAR Colorguardsman to contain articles of interest to the Color Guard including, but not limited to the following:
  • Uniforms – history, where to get replicas made, etc
  • “How To” Articles – establishing a color guard, drill manuals, handling weapons, etc
  • Events – what should be expected of color guards, pictures and articles of color guard participation, etc
  • Announcements – what upcoming events need color guard participation, etc
Deadlines are as follows:  
  • October publication – September 30th deadline
  • January publication – December 31st deadline
  • April publication – March 31st deadline
  • July publication – June 30th deadline
I am also asking that you forward this email to your state’s color guard commander for dissemination amongst the color guard members.
Thank you,   
Mark C Anthony