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NSSAR Americanism Committee 2013 Score Sheet is now available


Updated 01 April 2013

The NSSAR Americanism Committee is pleased to announce that the 2013 Score Sheet is now available for use.  With this single score sheet, chapters and state societies are able to record the data to generate their entries into the annual Liberty Bell Americanism Contest, the Allene Wilson Groves Americanism Contest, the President General's Streamer for Chapter and State Activities as well as the President General's Cup.  The 2013 score sheet has many modifications from prior year's score sheets in terms of additional lines for data entry, clearer written instructions and a background color to designate where data is to be entered. 
This score sheet is a great tool to measure chapter and state society activity and may serve as a guide for revitalizing chapters in terms of activity but individual compatriots making lasting friendships is still a primary tool in building chapter vitality and cohesiveness. 
The Americanism Committee webpage also contains a powerpoint tutorial based on the 2012 score sheet.  An updated tutorial for the 2013 score sheet will be uploaded in the near future; however, the 2012 tutorial is still sufficient since only 1 tab on the 2013 score sheet is significantly different from 2012.
Any questions should be directed to the Americanism Committee chairman at the email address provided on the score sheet itself.