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NSSAR Acquires A New Building


I am delighted to report that on February 23, 2008, the Trustees, after considerable debate passed three motions from the Executive Committee concerning the initiative to move our Headquarters to the West Main Street area of downtown Louisville.   The motions passed are as follows:

  1. Exercise the Purchase Option on the Fulton Conway Building.
  2. Defer the start of the build out until sufficient funds have been raised including tax credits to fund it.
  3. When the build out is complete, sell our current property and place the proceeds into an endowment for outreach education and the operation of the new building.

Further, the Executive Committee has verbally committed to report our progress to the Trustees and Membership at the Sacramento Congress.  A more refined design will be presented as well as more refined cost projections and detailed project plan.  Critical to the success of this project is the raising of sufficient donations to fund it.  We believe that with the commitment we have to proceed that foundations, corporations, government agencies and, most importantly, our members, will be generous with their support.  I want to thank all who have offered comments, concerns, and questions, both for and against this proposal.  

This dialog has provided the input necessary to provide information and develop this plan into a form that the Trustees could feel comfortable with and approve.  I assure you that we will make every effort to earn your trust and confidence as we proceed down this road to create a home for our Headquarters and the Center for Advancing America's Heritage that will do us proud.


Bruce A. Wilcox
President General (2007-2008)