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MDSSAR Compatriot Smithson has article accepted for publication


Our own Professional Genealogist Christopher Smithson has co-authored a psychology article that will appear in several prestigious journals such as American Psychologist and internationally in Revista de Historia de la Psicología. I think this is an incredible article showing his genealogical expertise in helping to solve a 90-year old mystery right here in Maryland that has been a case study in psychology journals and textbooks for years and should be shared with our SAR members to show the renown of our own officer in the Maryland Society. Christopher was able to locate the key documents that linked the unknown child to the actual person and contact living family members for the article. His research work was so significant that he was listed as a co-author of the article that is now going to become a feature in many future textbooks and psychology journals.

"Correcting the Record on Watson, Rayner, and Little Albert: Albert Barger as “Psychology’s Lost Boy”" published in the 'American Psychologist'.
Once published in the english article can be found online at the link below.


A spanish version of the article has already been published and can be found here:

Revista de Historia de la Psicología


Congratulations compatriot Smithson!