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Integrated Library Solution Live at SAR Genealogical Research Library

On June 21, 2013 a new cataloguing system went live at the SAR Genealogical Research Library in Louisville, Kentucky. The new library system, Integrated Library Solution, was purchased this spring by the SAR Library Committee. While the previous system was also provided by The Library Corporation (TLC) this new software is a major upgrade and will significantly benefit library patrons. Many libraries across the country currently use this software, including the DAR.

Librarian General Michael Wells stated “After years of waiting, days of planning, preparation, and hours of training The Library Corporation’s Integrated Library Solution is now live.  We have a system that we can be proud of with potential for growth in added features.  The TLC system has broadened our vision on how we can provide better services to our members and local patrons.  Congratulations to library staff Michael Christian, Rae Ann Sauer, Robin Christian and also Colleen Wilson, Don Shaw and Mike Scroggins for the successful completion of training that followed the switch over to our new library package.”

The upgraded software provides many new features for library patrons.  Searching features will now resemble an internet search engine and be easier to use.  Instead of specifying an author or title, users can type any term in the search box and see all results. The catalogue is user friendly on a mobile device.  SAR library staff will now be able to add instantaneously new cataloguing records instead of periodically during the year.  Reports on the borrower profiles, correspondence, material usage and various statistics will be quickly performed with the new system.  The Integrated Library Solution also brings to the SAR Genealogical Research Library barcode capability. Barcode capability will allow for an efficient collection inventory and the tracking of collection usage.

During the week of June 19th the SAR library staff received training from TLC trainer Tom Evans.  Librarian General Michael Wells was also in attendance for training.  The library staff received instructions from Evans on the new system’s key features, including cataloguing, reports, and creating usage statistics.


“I believe one of the strong points of The Library Corporation is their customer service. I especially thought our trainer Tom Evans did an excellent job,” added Library Director Michael Christian.


What’s next for the SAR Genealogical Research Library? Librarian General Michael Wells believes “With the system online we can now concentrate on the next project of bar coding of all books on our shelves thus completing the important aspect we began with the security tagging prior to opening. Bar coding will allow us to further manage our books through inventory control and reporting. It is exciting to see the additional paths we can take as we further explore the many features of TLC’s Integrated Library System. TLC indeed does deliver.”


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