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The Cultural Consortium Holds Monthly Meeting at the SAR Genealogical Research Library

On February 17, 2011, representatives of the top cultural institutions from across the region held their monthly meeting at the SAR Genealogical Research Library in Louisville, KY.  The Cultural Consortium is a group of organizations whose goal is to support one another in the production and implementation of programming geared toward local area school groups.  Members of the consortium meet to discuss collaboration opportunities, best-practice procedures and other issues that face cultural institutions in the region.  The SAR has been a member of this group since 2006 and is represented by The Center for Advancing America‚Äôs Heritage Acting Director Colleen Wilson at its monthly meetings. This is the second time the SAR has been invited to host a meeting. 

Members of the group were excited to see inside the newly renovated library building.  Representatives from the neighboring Main Street organizations such as the Louisville Slugger Museum and the Louisville Science Center were delighted to see the once vacant building transformed into a local area attraction.  Other members of the Cultural Consortium include the Frazier International History Museum, Locust Grove, Kentucky Center for the Arts, and The General George Patton Museum.
The meeting was heavily attended with around 40 members present. It began with light refreshments in the library lobby, then continued on into the library where chairs were set up around a projector and screen.  SAR Executive Director Joe Harris introduced all to the facility and organization, then was followed by guests speaking on the theme of development.  After the program, members were invited to take a tour of the library and Mary & James S. Craik Special Collections Room.  
After the success of the Cultural Consortium meeting, the SAR Genealogical Research Library is looking forward to hosting similar events in the future.  The next group scheduled to meet in the facility is the Louisville Genealogical Society, which will be coming in March to take a tour of the facility and perform independent genealogical research.