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Arrival of Minuteman Statue March 19, 2009

Son of Liberty-1775 Arrives

"Son of Liberty-1775", now stands full life-sized and about 1100 lbs, in bronze, at the NSSAR headquarters building in Louisville.  The peice donated by the Philadelphia Continental Chapter of the Pennsylvania Society, will ultimately be a permanent work of art at the new Center for Advancing America's Heritage (CAAH) when it is completed.

The figure from Sculptor James Muir (an SAR compatriot) of Arizona, holds a "Brown Bess" musket; 46-inch barrel and .75 caliber. The life-size statue will be marked as given in tribute to honor the Philadelphia Continental Chapter.  Thirty-eight Chapter Compatriots contributed over $50,000 in a six week campaign ending in February, 2009 to purchase the figure.

The figure will be a lasting symbol to honor the patriotic activities of the Chapter, founded in 1901, and be a welcome addition to the NSSAR headquarters until it find a perminant home in the CAAH.