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235th Anniversary of the Battle of Point Pleasant


235th Anniversary of the Battle of Point Pleasant

Point Pleasant, WV - Oct. 4, 2009


The land surrounding the confluence of the Kanawha and Ohio Rivers in West Virginia at Point Pleasant is a fairly flat place - but not so the rest of the state. President General Ed Butler of the NSSAR was heard to opine that he was very glad that not all of West Virginia was as flat as Point Pleasant because that may have pushed Texas down to second place as the largest state in the lower 48 states.



On October 10, 1774, Col. Andrew Lewis and 1,100 Virginia Militiamen battled and defeated a similar number of Indian forces led by the Shawnee Chieftain Cornstalk.  The battle took place at the confluence of the Kanawha and Ohio Rivers, and was a bloody, day-long battle.  The battle took place in what is now the southern end of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, where there is a State park complete with an 84 foot granite obelisk commemorating the battle.  The park carries the Wyandotte Indian phrase of "Tu-endie-wei" or "the point between two waters".


West Virginia is full of history that is pertinent to members of the SAR.  The battle of Point Pleasant is often referred to as the "First Battle" of the American Revolution, but not all scholars agree.  The battle broke the power of the Indians in the Ohio Valley and quieted the Indian war on the frontier. In addition the battle prevented an Indian alliance with the British, one which could very possibly have had a negative impact on the patriots' cause. The resultant peace with the Indians enabled western Virginians to re-cross the Alleghenies to aid Revolutionary forces. 


The Patriotic organizations gathered here on October 4, 2009, to honor the bravery and the sacrifice of their ancestors who first faced the enemy on their home land. President General Edward Butler of the SAR and the SAR Color Guard attended the event and laid a wreath in memoriam.  Whereas there is still some uncertainty as to the "last" battle of the American Revolutionary War, the Battle of Point Pleasant was amoung the first.


A complete Photo Gallery of this event may be viewed at:

Pictures were taken by Compatriot Bob Yankle.