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2011 State Society Annual Reconciliation Report Updated


The Registration Reporting & Education Committee is pleased to announce the roll out of the 2011 State Society Annual Reconciliation Report.  This report form includes a number of changes from the form that has been utilized in the previous two years after the committee received suggestions and critiques over that time frame.

What has changed:
  1. The Cover Sheet has been moved to the end of the form and a Summary Instruction Sheet has been placed at the beginning of the form.
  2. Data entry tabs have been consolidated from 16 tabs to 7 tabs eliminating a lot of duplicate data entry.
  3. Each page printed will include a header that labels the tab the page is related to.
  4. The data entry area on each tab is un-highlighted.  All protected areas are shaded and blocked from user use.
  5. Numbers have been added to the left of each data entry tab so the user can quickly confirm that the amount of data entered.
What has NOT changed:
  1. The form is still only available as an Excel spreadsheet.
  2. The Cover Sheet only allows data entry in 4 specific cells.
  3. The form still automatically calculates totals and the amount of dues required to be remitted.
Again, if there are any questions or comments, the committee asks that these be directed to the committee for consideration and assistance.
The updated versions of the forms can be found on the National website.