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NSSAR Chief Compliance Officer has oversight authority of the NSSAR and SAR Foundation to ensure compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act as it applies to Tax Exempt Organizations.
NSSAR Chief Compliance Officer reports to the President General in his position as President of NSSAR and Chief Executive of the SAR Foundation.
If for any reason the Chief Compliance Officer is unable to serve, the Deputy Compliance Officer shall perform his duties.
Duties and Responsibilities: 
  1. Documents formal certification of the internal controls, procedures and processes of NSSAR and the SAR Foundation to ensure they are in compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
  2. Works with the Independent Audit Committee, providing assistance to the Chairman of the Committee.
  3. Coordinates with the Inspector General, the Chancellor General and the Treasurer General as needed.
  4. Coordinates NSSAR compliance efforts with respect to legislative and regulatory developments affecting NSSAR governance.
  5. Keeps Management, the Executive Committee (EXCOM), and the Board of Trustees informed about governance law, trends, issues, and best practices.
  6. Reports to EXCOM all material developments and concerns regarding governance practices, issues and requirements. raised internally or externally.
  7. Investigates reported violations at the request of the Ethics Committee or President General.