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    SAR Committees

    Volunteers who serve on boards and committees are the lifeblood of the national Society. They assist the SAR in policy making, assure the success of programming, reduce costs through their tireless work, and help to provide services to our members and the community.

    The SAR values each and every member, but those who show their passion and commitment to the SAR through their volunteering efforts stand out among the crowd.

    If you would like to serve on a national committee, please look for your area of interest and contact the chairman of that committee.

    Committee Report

    ​Current list of SAR Committee Members and their contact information

    Standing Committee (Bylaw 18)

    Executive Committee

    Standing Committees (Bylaw 19)

    Budget Committee
    Ethics Committee
    Finance Committee
    Genealogy Committee
    Handbook Committee
    Independent Audit Committee
    Investment Committee
    Museum Board
    Strategic Planning Committee

    Nominating Committee (Bylaw 20)

    The Nominating Committee, as defined in Bylaw No. 20, interviews and considers candidates for SAR National Office and the SAR Foundation Board and reports a slate of nominees at the Spring Leadership Meeting. Subject to the conditions set forth in Bylaw 20, Section 1 (a), the Nominating Committee is composed of five (5) former Presidents General; four (4) State-level Society Presidents, as selected by the Council of State Presidents; and two (2) National Trustees, as appointed by the President General.

    Special Advisory Committees (Bylaw 21)

    Council of Presidents General
    Council of State Presidents
    Council of Vice Presidents General
    Facilities Committee
    Legal Advisory Committee

    Other Committees (Bylaw 21, Sec. 2)

    These are committees that are important to the various programs of the SAR, listed in alphabetical order.  

    250th Anniversary of the American Revolutionary War Committee
    American History Teacher Award Committee
    Americanism Committee
    Bylaws, Rules, and Resolutions Committee
    C.A.R. Liaison Committee
    Chaplains Committee
    Color Guard Committee
    Community Engagement Committee
    Congress Planning Committee
    Congress Review Committee
    Council of Youth Awards
    DAR Liaison Committee
    Eagle Scout Committee (Arthur King)
    Education Committee
    Flag Committee
    Foreign Patriots Committee
    George Washington Endowment Fund Board
    George Washington Endowment Fund Distribution Committee
    George Washington Endowment Fund Fundraising Committee
    Governance and Organization Committee
    Historic Sites and Celebrations Committee
    History Committee
    Hospitality and Music Committee
    Human Resource Committee
    Information Technology Committee
    Insurance and Risk Management Committee
    Internal Audit Committee
    King's College London Partnership Committee
    Knight Essay Contest Committee
    Ladies' Auxiliary Liaison Committee
    Library and Archives Committee
    Magazine Committee
    Master of Ceremonies Committee
    Medals and Awards Committee
    Medical Committee
    Membership Committee
    Merchandise Committee
    Minuteman Award Committee
    Newsletters and Publications Committee
    Operation Ancestor Search Committee
    Patriot Biographies Committee
    Patriot Index and Revolutionary War Graves Register Committee
    Patriotic Outreach Committee
    Premium Member Medals Committee
    Protocol Committee
    Public Service and Heroism Committee
    Reenactor and Living History Liaison Committee
    ROTC, JROTC, and Service Academies Liaison Committee
    Rumbaugh Orations Contest Committee
    SAR Annual Conference on the American Revolution Committee
    SAR Implementation Committee
    Veterans Committee
    Veterans Recognition Committee
    Young Members Committee
    Youth Exchange Program Committee

    Task Forces and Ad-Hoc Committees

    Naming Rights - Ad Hoc
    SAR Branding Task Force

    Meet Our Members

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    809 W. Main Street | Louisville, KY 40202

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    (F) 502-589-1671
    (E) NSSAR@sar.org


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