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2010 - 2011 NSSAR General Officers


2010-2011 General Officers


Elected at Cleveland, Ohio, June 2010

  • President General -- is the chief executive officer of the SAR. He guides the policies, oversees headquarters operations, and appoints the members of all the committees.  He presides over meetings of the Executive Committee, the Trustees, and the annual Congress.  He (or his designated representative) represents the SAR at the meetings of or in negotiations with other organizations.



James David Sympson


J. David Sympson has been a member in good standing with the Kentucky Society since 1991.  J. David Sympson was elected President General of the National Society, Sons of the American Revolution, on June 29th, 2010 to serve a one-year term.

Secretary General

Larry J. Magerkurth (CA)

Maintenance of records of the activities of the executive committee, trustees, and national congresses; headquarters staff operations; compiling officer and committee reports for distribution at meetings; meeting registration.

Treasurer General

Stephen A. Leishman (DE)

Maintenance of financial records; advice and action on financial issues; headquarters merchandise operation; dues

Chancellor General

Thomas E. Lawrence (TX)

Advice and action on legal issues relating to the national society.

Genealogist General

Joseph W. Dooley (VA)

Guidance on genealogical problems related to applications for membership and supplementals.

Registrar General

Lindsey C. Brock (FL)

Maintenance of membership records

Historian General

Charles R. Lampman (CA)

Securing and interpreting of the records required to document the history of the national society.

Librarian General

Miles K. Dechant (PA)

Guidance for maintaining the national headquarters library and museum

Surgeon General

Lee C. Park (MD)

Advice and assistance for maintaining the health of our members.