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1896 NSSAR General Officers


1896 General Officers

Elected at Richmond, VA, April 30th 1896

  • President General: Gen. Horace Porter

  • Secretary General: Hon. Franklin Murphy
  • Treasurar General: Charles Waldo Haskins
  • Registrar General: A. Howard Clark
  • Historian General: Henry Hall
  • Chaplain General: Rt. Rev. Chas. E. Cheney D.D.

Vice Presidents General

  • Hon. Edwin Shpard Barrett
  • Hon. Wm. Wirt Henry
  • Hon. John Whitehead
  • Col. Wm. Ridgley Griffith
  • Col. Thomas M. Anderson


Source:  A national register of the society, Sons of the American Revolution. By Sons of the American Revolution, Louis Henry Cornish, Alonzo Howard Clark. Published 1902.