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NSSAR Minuteman Award

Minuteman Award

The awarding of medals and awards is always given very careful and serious deliberation in order to determine that the proposed recipient who qualifies is deserving, and the occasion for presentation is appropriate.  It is essential that the integrity of NSSAR medals and awards be maintained.

Minuteman MedalThe Minuteman Award is the highest award presented to a member by the National Society.  It is presented for distinguished service rendered to the SAR on the national level.  Members are selected by the Minuteman Committee which is appointed by the President General from previous recipients of the medal.  The medal is presented by the President General at an Annual Congress.  It is not presented in absentia.  It was authorized in 1952 and beginning in 1968 the medal is not awarded to more than six recipients per year.

The medal is rectangular in shape, struck in sterling silver.  It depicts a Minuteman holding a rifle with a plow in the background.  The Liberty Bell appears on it also.  On the reverse is inscribed "Highest Award of the National Society Sons of the American Revolution.  Presented to (National Number, Year).”  The medal is worn suspended from a neck ribbon of light blue silk.  It is awarded only to individual members on a one-time basis.

A complete list of those compatriots who have received the Minuteman Award can be found here.  The list is divided into year groups and compatriots names are listed in alphabetical order in each year group.