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Newsletters and Periodicals Handbook

Why Have a Newsletter?

Why does the National Society, place so much emphasis on publications?   Do the larger, more successful chapters publish because they are large, or are they large because they publish?  Is there a correlation between a Chapter's success and the quality and frequency of its publications?  Taking the answers to these questions seriously is probably the single most important step in influencing your chapter's attainment of the goals and objectives established by both the State Board of Managers and your own Board of Directors.

There is a definite need for contact among our members.  There is a distinct obligation on the part of a chapter's leadership to inform the membership as a whole of a chapter's activities, goals and achievements.  We all know that many of our supportive compatriots find it difficult or impossible, for any number of reasons, to attend chapter meetings.  Without written communication received on a regular basis, these men would receive nothing, and may feel no obligation to continue membership in the organization and be one of those who drops membership when the dues notices are sent.

We all share a basic need to communicate and exchange ideas, and the more often we do, the better our chances of timely implementation of those ideas.   The most important reason of all, however, is that, through our written communications we are united into one, strong fraternity of patriots.

The publications also maintain a history of the accomplishments of the organization for future generations or can be used as recruitment tools to new members.

A survey of highly successful chapters disclosed a definite relationship between the quality and frequency of their various written communications and other areas of achievement.  Larger membership rolls, better meeting attendance, higher levels in all areas of achievement were directly proportional to the quality and frequency of chapter publications.

The reverse side of the coin is all too apparent.  Many have been the instances where chapters have atrophied, where membership has dwindled and where extinction has been threatened, simply through lack of communications.   Fortunately, a number of dying chapters have been resurrected simply and only through the efforts of one compatriot armed with nothing more than a determined will and a typewriter or computer.

It is therefore obvious that your efforts with various forms of written communication will have a positive effect on your chapter's operations, achievements and growth.   In this day and age, it is easy to send out newsletter at little cost via electronic media such as on CD, via email, posting to the web, etc.