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Updated 23 Feb 2015

This is the combined form for both the President General's Cup and the Americanism Award. The Form includes the score sheet as well as directions about the contest. Any questions should be directed to the Americanism Committee.  This is a new version of the form that was re-worked by the americanism committee.

You can find a powerpoint show on how to use the form here.

The NSSAR Americanism Committee is pleased to announce that it has updated the Americanism Score Sheet with respect to the 5 Initiatives announced by President General Joe Dooley at the 2013 Annual Congress in Kansas City.  Details on these initiatives are posted on the NSSAR website.   
The new Score Sheet has "Last Updated: 11 Feb 2014 - 2130 hours MCA" cited at the bottom of the Cover Sheet. 
While new language has been added, IT IS NOT NECESSARY for those who have already begun data entry in an earlier time stamped form.  All that has to be done is refer to the updated language found on Tabs 7 and 16 when completing the data entry on the earlier form so that all points that have been earned are captured. 

The 2014 Americanism Scoresheet can be found by clicking on the following link: 2014 Americanism Scoresheet

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Mon, 2015-02-09
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