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Arizona State Outreach

Arizona Society Sons of the American Revolution

Educational Outreach

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In 2010 Arizona developed the College and Career Read Standards to establish curriculum benchmarks in English language arts and literacy in history/social studies, science and technical subjects and mathematics as part of a national educational initiative.   The individual school districts prepare their own curriculum but students are tested against the standards in grade level tests to determine the efficacy of the schools programs in these areas.   As with most programs of this nature, history is not a key element in the testing.   Organizations are challenged with ways to incorporate their history lessons into the curriculum of local schools.




Tucson chapter Color Guard has been the most active in the state doing presentations to the schools on the American Revolution, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.  Presentations are made at grade schools, middle schools and high schools, in public, parochial, charter and private schools, and vocational colleges. Contact: or arbyrdatcomcast [dot] net.

Muskets and Rifles of the Revolution

Members have been able to take the weapons of the revolution to area schools.  Working with local law enforcement has been a key to this program.  Members take all the equipment including guns, bayonets, powder horns and a full knapsack to discuss the weapons and the life of a soldier.   The children are allowed to hold the equipment.   The role of Spain and Spanish troops and the black soldiers is emphasized for relevance to the area.

Colonial Life and Medicine

Our members and spouses also present the day to day life in the colonies.  Our former State President, a physician, also has a program and medical equipment used during the revolution.  The children are amazed at the hardships of living with all the modern conveniences and shocked at the medical practices of those time.