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Texas State Outreach

Number of Students   4, 935, 715

Number of Schools            8, 551

Number of Districts             1, 239


The Texas State Board of Education sets standards.  School districts within the state are Independent School Districts and control their own curriculum and selection of texts.  In most districts access to any one department is controlled by an officer for that study field.  Access for our educational programs is therefore a school district by school district proposition.   American History is taught in the fifth and seventh grades.  There has been a push in Texas to remove American history as a subject in the curriculum.  Historical programs presented by the Texas Society are limited to access by local chapters


Revolutionary Flag Program

Revolutionary Flag programs are presented which highlight the flags which were used during the revolutionary war.   At least four chapters, two in the Houston area, one in the Austin area and one in the Dallas area have these programs.  They are presented to classrooms and also to other civic groups.    This program is well received in the schools.

 Grand Assembly of Flags

Colonial Life Program

At least one chapter maintains a trunk of clothing, foods, utensils, housewares, games and other period reproductions.   Presentations are given to class groups both fifth and seventh grade.   Most often these presentations are in coordination with Patriot Day or Spirit Day celebrations.   Many of the school districts sponsoring these Patriot Day or Spirit Days are doing so as part of the “Why America is Free” program produced by Values Through History.



Music of the Revolution

At least three chapters sponsor programs which instruct children on the use of music during the Revolutionary War.   The instruction includes a description of the training of the musicians, usually young boys, the types of songs used for each occasion and also some of the graver aspects of a musicians job during wartime.  At least one presentation is entitled, “The Fife as an Instrument of War.”

Researching with Disabled Vets

This educational program, Operation Ancestor Search, takes on a different audience, instead of children, the students are disabled  Instructors educate servicemen on researching their family histories.  Information on Youth Scholarship Contests and Education Programs can be found by visiting the Texas web  or contacting pres_electattxssar [dot] org


Salute to the flags