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California State Outreach

California Society Sons of the American Revolution (CASSAR) Educational Outreach State Public School Profile

Number of students 6,218,776
Number of schools 10,296 
Number of school districts 1,043
The California State Board of Education, appointed by the Governor, sets K-12 education policy in the areas of standards, curriculum, instructional materials, assessment, and accountability. The State Superintendent of Public Instruction is elected. The 1,043 School Districts in California elect their own School Boards. County School Superintendents, plus multiple entities, including teachers’ unions and publishers, work in a seven-year curriculum adoption cycle.   The system is very complex and very political.  Consequently, CASSAR and its Chapters operate at the “grass roots” level reaching out to teachers and schools, both public and private.  Individual teachers want to work with us and do so.  The California Society’s greatest challenge to Outreach lies within the membership itself.  Few compatriots step forward and become directly involved.   Without the volunteers, the job cannot be done.

CASSAR Youth Activities Director  
The California Society has a state level Youth Activities Director who coordinates and supports all our youth programs through Education Program Chairmen who in turn work with our 26 Chapters to reach the children throughout the state.  
Americanism Poster Contest Middle School Brochure Contest
Knight Essay Contest High School Orations Contest
Eagle Scout Program JROTC/ROTC and NSCC/NLCC 
Spirit of America Program High School Citizenship Awards
Email CASSAR Youth Activities Director Derek Brown atDptyDekeatyahoo [dot] com (  ")DptyDekeatyahoo [dot] com"

Teacher Recognition
The Valley Forge Teacher Recognition Program is unique to California with CASSAR financially sponsoring two teachers annually.  Excellence in Education begins with superior teachers. The “Outreach” includes local CASSAR Chapters encouraging exceptional U.S. History teachers to apply.  Recipients of this award are often speakers at our State level conferences and promoters of the Youth Contests/Awards programs.

Local C.A.R. Societies
Like most State Societies, CASSAR works closely with C.A.R. The young people attend our conferences, write CASSAR newsletter articles, serve as pages and jointly participate in events. But in California, the 30 local C.A.R. Societies are an essential element of our “Outreach” strategy. The Youth Activities Director works closely with the CASSAR-C.A.R. Liaison to see that SAR Programs and Contests are marketed to the local C.A.R. Societies at Statewide Workshops and at local Society meetings. 

“Best Practices” at the Local Chapter Level
Chapters are encouraged to innovate and share their successes. For example: The Sacramento Chapter created the Compatriot "School Guard," which provides an 80 minute presentation about life during the American Revolution to schools throughout the Sacramento area. The members of the "School Guard" make first-person presentations about their characters in period dress and with period weaponry. This program's popularity has expanded since 2000 when it started.