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Compatriot President: Calvin Coolidge, Jr.

President Coolidge(John) Calvin Coolidge, Jr.


30th President of the US



Following the death of President Harding, Vice President Calvin Coolidge was sworn in by his father, a Justice of the Peace, in Plymouth Notch, VT.  He was the sixth Vice President to become the Chief Executive on the death of a President.  Calvin Coolidge was born on July 4, 1872 in Plymouth, VT.  He was later elected to a full term as President.  Although named John Calvin Coolidge he dropped the John as he preferred a single name.
Coolidge graduated with honors from Amherst College in 1895.  In his senior year he wrote an essay on “The Principles Fought for in the American Revolution: and was awarded a Gold Medal by the National Society.  
Calvin Coolidge joined the SAR in 1921 while serving as Vice President.  His Revolutionary ancestor was John Coolidge, who at the age of 19 answered the call on April 1775, joined the Massachusetts Militia as a private.  He fought at the Battle of Bunker Hill and was discharged in 1778.
The 39th SAR Annual Congress was held in Washington, DC.  Many of the delegates and their ladies marched from the Mayflower Hotel to the White House to be received by Compatriot President Coolidge.  The President briefly spoke to the group and greeted many personally.  
After the presidency, Coolidge served as chairman of the Railroad Commission, as honorary president of the Foundation of the Blind, as a director of New York Life Insurance Company, and as a trustee of Amherst College.  President Coolidge died suddenly of a heart attack at his home in Northampton, MA, on January 5, 1933, at age 60.  He is buried in Notch Cemetery, Plymouth Notch, VT.