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Compatriot President: Rutherford Birchard Hayes

President Rutherford HayesRutherford Birchard Hayes   


19th President of the US 



Rutherford B. Hayes served for one term from 1877 to 1881 as the 19th President.  He was born in Delaware, OH, on October 4, 1822 and graduated from Harvard Law School.  At the outbreak of the Civil War he enlisted in the Union Army, was wounded five times and rose to the rank of Major General.  He served in the House of Representatives and served as Governor of Ohio for three terms.  The nation was still suffering from the pangs of the Civil War when he became President.  One of his first actions was to withdraw Federal troops from the Southern States.  Compatriot Hayes enjoyed being President but disliked politics and chose not to run for a second term.  
President Hayes was very proud of his ancestry, especially his Revolutionary War ancestors.  He became an early member of the SAR.  President Hayes died in Fremont, OH, on January 1893.