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President General Initiatives for 2013-2014

“I have developed these five initiatives to give you meaningful choices.  I do not expect every state society, chapter and individual compatriot to pursue all five of these initiatives.  But I hope – I ask you all – to pursue as many of them as you can in the furtherance of the goals and objectives of the Sons of the American Revolution, and in honor of our patriot ancestors.”
– President General Dooley
July 10, 2013
I. President General’s Challenge
(Opportunity for State Societies, Challenge for Compatriots)
a.  PG Matching Contribution
b.  Give Joe a Haircut
II. Partnering with the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association
(Opportunity for State Societies and Chapters)
a.  George Washington Portrait Program
b.  Promoting History Day Projects on George Washington
III. Memorials, Markers & Monuments
(Opportunity for State Societies and Chapters)
IV. Helping the USO Help America’s Military
(Opportunity for State Societies and Chapters)
V. Retention Challenge
(Opportunity for State Societies)