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ROTC-JROTC-Service Academies


The ROTC/JROTC/Service Academies Committee has oversight of the Chapter and State Society level ROTC/JROTC programs.  The Committee conducts the National Society's ROTC/JROTC program and selects the winner of the National Society's award to the most outstanding JROTC Cadet and the first runner-up.  The committee also serves as liaison with the United States Service Academies.


If you would like to make a gift the ROTC / JORTC Fund, you can find that form here.



SAR Silver ROTC Medal Program for College ROTC Units

There are two types of college/university ROTC Units.

Host Units are the primary ROTC Unit for a given area. This Unit presents the SAR Silver ROTC Medal Package to a cadet/midshipman selected by the Senior Officer and his/her staff. Naturally military bearing, leadership potential, attitude, and scholastic achievements are factors that the staff may consider in making their annual selection of an outstanding cadet. A University may have Host ROTC Units from several services. For example, one University in Georgia has 3 ROTC Units (Army, Navy, and Air Force).

Cross-Town Units fall under a Host ROTC Unit. A Host Unit may have several Cross-Town Units as part of its program. Cross-Town Units are normally located at smaller universities/colleges that are relatively close to their Host ROTC Unit. Naturally, a Cross-Town Army ROTC Unit would be associated with a Host Army ROTC Unit. Cross-Town ROTC Units do not qualify for the SAR Silver ROTC Medal; however, one of their cadets could be the recipient of the SAR Silver ROTC Medal from the Host Unit.

Management of the SAR Silver ROTC Medal Program falls under the State Society. It is possible that in your area, a given chapter supports the local University Host Unit. If you have questions please contact your State Society ROTC/JROTC Representative (POC) listed on the Contact page.

NOTE: As an example, the Georgia Society (GASSAR) operates the SAR Silver ROTC Medal Program. The Georgia Society purchases 15 Silver ROTC Medal Packages that are distributed under cover letter to 15 ROTC Host Units, located at 12 Universities. The Georgia Society then tasks 10 chapters located in the general vicinity of the University to present these medal packages at the Annual ROTC Award Ceremony/Banquet. As required, the Chapter President or his Representative awards the selected cadet at a private ceremony with the Senior ROTC Officer, the recipient, and whenever feasible, the cadet's family.


Bronze and Silver JROTC/ROTC Medal Request Form

This form was designed to assist a Chapter and Society to gather the correct information for recognition of the excellent candidates that are presented the Bronze JROTC and Siler ROTC Medals each year.

This is made available as a convenience and is not a mandatory requirement.

You can find the form here.

Meeting Minutes can be found here.


United States Coast Guard Academy - Alexander Hamilton Award for 2013

At the May 21st awards ceremony for the United States Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut; Regimental Commander Holli Bastinck was the recipient of the Alexander Hamilton award.  A cash prize for the most outstanding Senior Thesis, Capstone Project, or Directed Study in Public Policy or Government.  This year’s presentation was made by CTSSAR State President Stephen P. Shaw.  While at the academy, Ensign Bastinck studied government with a concentration in international law. Her first duty station will be in Boston, where she will serve as a deck watch officer on the CGC Spendor. This past spring, Ensign Bastinck won awards at the International Law Conference Competition in Italy and was selected as a Division III All-American in Softball, leading the academy softball team to its third consecutive league title. Assisting with the presentation was Rear Admiral Sandra L. Stosz, the 40th Superintendent of the academy and a 1982 graduate.


United States Coast Guard Academy - Alexander Hamilton Award for 2013
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