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The rules governing the nomination of candidates for General Officer can be found in Bylaw No. 18, Section 1(b). Other guidelines include the following:
  1. All members of the NSSAR are expected to act as gentlemen.
  2. All candidates and their supporters will conduct themselves in a gentlemanly manner at all times.
  3. All candidates and their spokesmen will refrain from derogatory remarks about any opposing candidate at all times.
  4. In the event of a floor nomination, it is the full responsibility of the involved candidates to require their supporters and spokesmen to refrain from any criticism of the opposing candidate.
  5. If a supporter or spokesman speaks unkindly about the opposition, it will be construed that he speaks directly for the candidate he represents.
  6. There will be no campaigning or announcements, including distribution of flyers, made by any prospective candidate or his representative until ten (10) days following the National Congress. 
  7. A forum for NSSAR General Officer and NSSAR Foundation board positions will be held prior to the day of the Fall Leadership Meeting. The chairman of the Nominating Committee will announce the location and time of this forum. Candidates or their spokesmen will be allotted a time segment of no more than five minutes for contested positions and 3 minutes for uncontested positions. A period of time for questions of no more than the specified time for presentations by each candidate or their spokesman will be permitted after each candidate or their spokesman speaks. Candidates may display flyers for distribution on tables in designated areas on Thursday and Friday nights prior to the Fall Leadership Meeting. Flyers will not be distributed on Saturday at the Leadership Meeting.
  8. Each candidate will provide to the Chairman of the Nominating Committee a letter of intent to run for office and an affirmation of compliance with the NSSAR standards of conduct during the campaign period that will end at the Spring Trustees Meeting. This letter should be in the hands of the Chairman of the Nominating Committee by the Candidates Forum at the Fall Leadership Meeting or in no case later than December 31 following the Fall Leadership Meeting.
  9. Each candidate will provide to the chairman of the Nominating Committee by December 31 following the Fall Leadership Meeting, a written and signed declaration that if elected he will serve. Non-receipt of this declaration by the designated deadline will cause the candidate to be dropped from consideration for the position for which he is a candidate.
  10. NSSAR letterheads and/or logos will not be used by any candidate on his campaign literature.
  11. At each congress, a table will be made available at the request of any candidate for National Office for the display and distribution of his campaign literature.
  12. At no time will campaign literature be distributed in any of the meeting rooms at the National Congress.
  13. Campaign materials will be distributed only from the candidate's tables at the National Congress which should be staffed at appropriate times.
  14. Each candidate seeking National Office must be willing to make a commitment of both time and resources to do the job to the best of his ability. Only one candidate will be the winner in any given election. All losing candidates must accept the certified results of each election in a gentlemanly manner.
  15. Any candidate or his supporters must follow these guidelines in good faith or may be subject to possible complaint and hearing by the NSSAR Ethics Committee in compliance with Bylaw 18, Section 7, of the NSSAR Bylaws or any revision of the Bylaws as approved by the National Congress with respect to the duties and responsibilities of the Ethics Committee. 
  16. These guidelines will be given to each announced candidate for a National Office or NSSAR Foundation board as soon as his intentions are made known or at the latest by December 31P in the year prior to the National Congress at which the election will be held.
  17. Candidates who are not nominated by the NSSAR Nominating Committee, but choose to run from the floor at the National Congress are expected to follow these guidelines as well as candidates who are nominated by the Nominating Committee. All candidates for contested positions should abide by these guidelines prior to the election at the National Congress.