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Veterans Recognition Committee

VRC Mission Statement: Provide recognition to living NSSAR Veterans, by awarding the SAR Certificates of Patriotism. Ensure the work of the VRC not only has a legacy dimension, but is also visionary and administratively sound, so that the incumbent President General can expand the Veterans Corps to include service to country during periods of peace, war and/or armed conflict.

PG Sympson - PG Leishman - PG Dooley - PG Brock - PG Lawrence

The VRC provides recognition to SAR Veterans.

Currently the VRC has six Veterans Corps, established as follows:

  • At the 120th Annual SAR Congress during June 2010, in Cleveland, Ohio, President General J. David Sympson (2010-2011) created the World War II Veterans Corps.
  • Following the 122nd Annual SAR Congress during July 2012, in Phoenix, Arizona, President General Stephen A. Leishman (2012-2013) established the Korean Service Veterans Corps.
  • At the 123rd Annual SAR Congress during July 2013 in Kansas City, Missouri, President General Joseph A. Dooley (2013-2014) established the Vietnam War Task Force to bring on line the Vietnam War Veterans Corps.
  • And at his induction ceremony at the 124th Annual SAR Congress on 23 July 2014, in Greenville, SC, President General Lindsey C. Brock (2014-2015) announced initiatives for the VRC; namely, the VRC Charter remains in effect, to include prior Presidents Generals’ decisions concerning the establishment, administration, and management of the SAR Veterans Corps. Further, on 30 January 2015 President General Lindsey Brock brought on-line the Military Service Veterans Corps.
  • On 1 July 2015 at the 125th Annual SAR Congress in Louisville, Kentucky, Judge Thomas E. Lawrence was inducted as the 112th President General of the Sons of the American Revolution. During his 2015-2016 tenure as President General the VRC will continue the Grateful Nation Remembers Program, which honors the World War II Veteran Corps Compatriots who are still with us; continue the publishing of the SAR Veterans Bugle Newsletter; join the Military Service Veterans Corps Task Force, with all its functions and responsibilities, to the standard components of the Veterans Recognition committee alongside the other SAR Veterans Corps; Continue VRC vetting and processing of Certificates of Patriotism for all SAR Veterans Corps; vet and process Certificates of Patriotism for Compatriots joined to all newly created Task Forces; Standup a Special Ops Veterans Corps Task Force so as to accommodate the processing of Certificates of Patriotism for past, current and future operations which are associated with less known campaign, service and/or expeditionary medals; and standup the Southwest Asia Task Force to accommodate the processing of Certificates of Patriotism for past, current and future conflicts in select countries of the Middle East and East Africa.

Special Note: To learn more about the various SAR Veterans Corps, their eligibility requirements, and where to download the most current SAR Veterans Multi-Corps Survey Form go to the VRC Website manually at http://www.VetCorps.Info/. The survey form requires Adobe Reader Version 11 or the latest version available.