Tips for searching the NSSAR Library Online Catalog

Searching names of places

  • Do not use postal abbreviations on state or country names.

  • For a subject search do a broad search by simply entering the major subject category such as:

      Spanish in Florida
      Smith Family
      French Indian War

  • For a more specific subject search, add further subject information:

      Spanish in Flordia - History
      Smith Family - Texas
      French Indian War - New York

  • Type in the name of a county as: Hardin County, Kentucky, not Hardin Co., Kentucky.

  • Entering the name of a state or a general subject such as "Revolution" will result in a large number of records found.  Please narrow your search to help locate information quicker.

Searching Titles of Books and/or Authors

  • A few key words of a title may be entered to receive a list of possible records.   The entire title does not have to be entered.

  • Other sources referencing book title may not always list the title as it actually appears on the book itself.  The author or subject of a book may enable you to locate the particular book in question.

  • If a geographic name appears in the title of a book, use the entire name as it would appear: "History of Jefferson County, Kentucky"

Searching on Historical Periods

  • For searches on general topics use headings such as "War of 1812," "Spanish-American War," and "Revolution."

  • When searching on general topics it will increase the effectiveness of the search by including a state or locality: "New York - War of 1812," "Texas - Spanish-American War."

Searching Family Names

  • Search for many family names by simple typing in the surname of interest in the subject box.

  • The surname should be followed by the word "family" or the result may be too many results.

  • Remember to also search using the various spellings of a surname.
Searching for Birth, Death, Marriage or other vital records

  • When searching for these types of records be sure to include the word "records."   To create a search like "Marriage Records."  This in turn can be made more effective by adding a geographical area such as "Marriage Records - Jefferson County, Kentucky"

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