Friends of the Library (FOL)

The Friends of the SAR Library has been organized to help the NSSAR Library implement its Collection Development Plan and other goals and programs.  The Collection Development Plan lists those books, microforms, etc. needed to fill in and expand the current collections.  As specific items are acquired, the Collection Development Plan will be updated.

The organization of the Friends of the Library consists of 1) the Librarian General of the National Library Committee, 2) a State Society Chairman of the Friends of the SAR Library Committee, 3) Chapter or Regional Chairman within a Society as the Society Chairman requires, and 4) the members of the Friends of the SAR Library.   This last group, whether it be a Society, a Chapter, or an individual is, of course, most important.  Memberships are available to all who wish to join and help the NSSAR Library.

Donations received for the Friends of the SAR Library are distributed as follows:   80% of the donation will be put into the Library Endowment Fund, which is the permanent fund for the use of the Library.  Only the income, never the principal, will be used to further the programs of the NSSAR Library.   20% of the donation goes directly to the Special Purpose Operating Fund.

The goal of the Friends of the SAR Library is to raise $150,000 for the Library Endowment Fund.  Also, the Society Chairman of the Friends of the SAR Library will coordinate the donation of books, microfilms, etc. direct to the NSSAR Library and will promote the NSSAR Library within his Society so that all SAR Members are familiar with it and its programs.

  Friends of the Library (FoL) Application

NSSAR Library Funding Programs
Benjamin Franklin Subscriber Plaque

A donation of $300 or more from an individual, a Chapter, State Society or non-SAR organization will qualify the donor's name or organization to be listed on the special plaque.

NSSAR Library Endowment Fund

Gifts of $500 or more from an individual, organization or estate are recorded on the Library Endowment Plaque.  The funds are invested by the National Society and only the interest is spent to purchase library materials.

Robert Morris Benefactor Plaque

One-time contributions of $2,000 or more by an individual or organization will have the donor's name listed on the special plaque with the date of contribution.

For more information on any of the above, contact the NSSAR Librarian or your Chairman, Friends of the SAR Library Committee.
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