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Organization of the International District

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The Vice President General for the International District

The Vice President General for the International District is appointed by the incoming President General [per NSSAR Bylaw 5, Section 2(b)]. This is a change from the situation prior to July 2006, when the VPG was nominated and elected by the same procedure as for all other districts.

Duties of the VPG
(as listed in the July 2004 SAR Handbook, Vol. II, pp 3-4)

  1. Assist the President General in the affairs of the Society and perform any assigned or delegated task the President General may request.
  2. Escort the President General when he makes official visits within the district of the Vice President General.
  3. Be knowledgeable of the Constitution and Bylaws of the National Society, the official handbook, national programs, administrative requirements and inner workings of the Society.
  4. Attend all scheduled meetings of the National Society to include the Fall and Spring Trustees' Meetings and the National Congress.
  5. Serve as an ex-officio member of the NSSAR Membership Committee.
  6. Prepare and submit timely written reports as scheduled by the Executive Director ....
  7. Schedule and conduct a meeting of all state societies within the district at least once annually.
  8. Visit each of the state societies within the district at least once annually during the term of office. Attend the annual meeting of each state society.
  9. Assist the state societies in any areas of weakness or in response to any request for assistance, but always function within the knowledge and approval of the pertinent state society president.
  10. Organize and conduct district or state workshops. He should indoctrinate newly elected state officers to ensure that they fully understand National Society procedures and programs....
  11. When informed of any visit by the President General within his district and, if requested, assist the state society president with hosting and other arrangements for the visit....
  12. On election to office, coordinate with each state society president within the district and arrange to be kept informed of the schedule of activities for the state....
  13. Obtain copies of the constitution and bylaws and a roster of officers of each state society in the district.
  14. Be prepared to promote the programs and activities of the National Society....
  15. Always inform state societies of a planned visit. A visit to any chapter of a state should always be coordinated with the state president.
  16. Be prepared to participate in certain SAR activities and ceremonies ....
Photo will be posted here later.

William Allerton III
International District
Vice President General (2010-11)


Ambassadors Help with Recruiting

Appointment: Each year the incoming President General appoints several SAR Ambassadors for Recruiting for one-year terms.

Duties: Each ambassador is responsible for helping the Vice President General of the District and the State Societies in his area
      -- make local communities aware of the SAR
      -- find and recruit prospective members
      -- complete the applicants' paperwork,
      -- involve new members in SAR activities

The NSSAR Ambassador for the Far East is responsible for all nations outside of North America and Europe.

[not yet appointed]
Ambassador for the Far East 2009-10


We Serve Most of the World

The SAR has many members around the world. Some are U.S. citizens living outside the United States due to business or government assignments. Some are citizens of nations other than the United States, whose ancestors aided the cause of U.S. independence. If you or a friend or relative are living outside the United States and are interested in SAR membership, contact the Vice President General. The NSSAR site has further information on the requirements and procedures.

Our district is defined in NSSAR Bylaw 5 Section 2(b):
      "INTERNATIONAL DISTRICT: all territory outside of the other districts."
Thus it includes the entire globe except for the United States and Europe.

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