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Canadian Society

Sons of the
American Revolution

What's Happened Lately?

The Canada Society has about 25 members, primarily in the eastern provinces.

INQUIRIES about the Canadian Society SAR should be directed to the president, Rob Tyler, at tyler@ican.net

Our objectives are:
  • To preserve the history of our ancestors in helping to form the United States

  • To pay homage to the sacrifices they made

  • To continue research into our American roots

  • To foster better understanding of the participation of Canada in the Revolutionary War

  • To support genealogy, family history, and heritage programs

  • To create bridges with other like-minded heritage organizations (U.E. Loyalists, etc.) so that we may share the common experience more fully

  • To learn and enjoy our connection, knowing our position to be unique.

Our ancestors not only founded America, but in many cases fought for Britain in earlier times (or other countries) and -- after successfully founding the United States -- moved north and helped build another country in which we all share today,


Discovering and preserving our history is not only a social benefit, but also a personal voyage of self-discovery.

The Sons of the American Revolution has a Web site http://www.sar.org with information on
      What the SAR is and does
      Queen Scout and ROTC/JROTC awards (open to Canadian youth)
      Essay and Oration contests (open to Canadian youth)
      Genealogy Resources (to trace your ancestry)
      Help with Applying for Membership

The Canadian Society is part of the International District of the SAR

See The Real Story of the American Revolution
      for extensive historical information

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