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Australia and New Zealand

The SAR has many members around the world. Some are U.S. citizens living outside the United States due to business or government assignments. Some are citizens of nations other than the United States, whose ancestors aided the cause of U.S. independence.

Our objectives are:

  • To preserve the memory of the aid our ancestors provided during the formation of the United States of America
  • To support research and education on the role our nations and our ancestors played in the Revolutionary War
  • To support genealogy, family history, and heritage programs
  • To locate, report and mark the graves of the patriot ancestors from the Revolutionary War wherever they may be in the world
  • To support other like-minded heritage organizations so that we may more fully share the common experience

We are looking for residents of Australia and New Zealand who are interested in joining the Sons of the American Revolution as part of the International Society of SAR, possibly leading to forming the Australia/New Zealand Society of SAR.

If you or a friend or relative are interested in SAR membership, see the Website of the National Society SAR. This lists the requirements and procedures to join such as, "Where to Start", "Apply for Membership", and "Acceptable Service".

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