Application Status Report

By clicking on the link, you will open a PDF file of the Application Status Report

Members, please contact your State Point of Contact for information regarding the status of your application.

Once the report has opened, you can scroll down to the page or pages for your State Society.

To print only those pages, click "File" "Print" and then click
Pages from and enter the page numbers in the two boxes.

Dates included in the report are:   24 MAR 2009 thru 24 SEP 2009

The applications appearing on this report were received at Headquarters between these dates.  

Q: My Application has disappeared from the list, where did it go?

A: If an application does not appear then it is either older than the start date or has not been entered into the system as of the end date.

This report is updated approximately every fourteen to twenty days.

Report last updated
24 SEP 2009

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