The SAROfficer Listserver

What is SAROfficer?

The SAROfficer "list server" is a computer program that receives a message sent by a SAROfficer subscriber.  That same message is then sent out to all SAROfficer subscribers.  The list server will not accept messages from people who are not SAROfficer subscribers.

SAROfficer is a list server established for official announcements and other critical information regarding SAR affairs.   To be placed on this list you must submit your request, we will verify your Official position with the National Database and you will get Email confirming your addition or non-addition to the list.

When using SAROfficer there are certain rules of online etiquette that members are ask to follow.  Please read our rules for civility (Netiquette) governing member participation in SARtalk.  The same basic rules apply to SAROfficer.


SAROfficer is a closed, unmoderated list server.  "Closed" means that means only SAR members will be accepted as subscribers.  Some lists on the InterNet are "open" and allow anyone to subscribe.   "Unmoderated" means that a message will be broadcast to the group as soon as is is received.

Subscribing to SAROfficer

How to subscribe.  Submit the following form.

Type the information requested into the white areas below. Use the "tab" key to get to next block.
National Number: State Society:


Society or Chapter Name:



Submission Date:

Submitter (if not Member):

Submitting the Form Note:  You may print a copy of the completed form for your records by going to [File] [Print] on your computer BEFORE you submit the form.

Now you may click on either
the "Submit" button below to submit the data to the SAR Officer List owner
or the "Clear Form" to start over again.

Submitting the Form


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