2009 - 2010 NSSAR General Officers


2009-2010 General Officers


Elected at Atlanta, Georgia, July 2009


2009 - 2010 President General Edward Butler

Edward F. Butler Sr.

Edward F. Butler, Sr. has been a member in good standing with the Texas Society for 26 years.  Edward F. Butler, Sr. was elected President General of the National Society, Sons of the American Revolution, on July 8, 2009 to serve a one-year term.

Executive Committee Appointees

PG David N. Appleby (MO)
William M. Marrs (TX) - President General Travel Coordinator
PG Larry D. McClanahan (TN)
Robert L. Bowen (VA)
Thomas E. Jacks (LA)

Vice Presidents General

These general officers serve as intermediaries between the national society and the state societies, grouped into fifteen Districts (geographic regions, two of which are outside the United States):