NSSAR JROTC Honor Legion for 2007


NSSAR JROTC Honor Legion for 2007

LTC Renaldo J. Hamilton, Chairman NSSAR ROTC/JROTC Committee

The National Society Sons of the American Revolution is pleased to announce the NSSAR JROTC Legion of Honor for 2007.  This is the tenth publication of this annual recognition.  All of the competing cadets were selected by their sponsoring state as the outstanding cadet of that society.   Again this year 16 cadets competed for the title with the promise of more states joining in next year. The program continues to be sustained by states that support the Youth and future leaders of our Nation.


2007 ROTC - JRTOC Winner

Cadet Capt. Stephen Bryant, NSSAR President General White and

JROTC Committee Chairman Hamilton following the presentation of his awards.

The NSSAR Outstanding Cadet of the Nation for 2007 is:


JROTC Cadet,Cadet Capt. Stephen Bryant
Clinton High School in Clinton, SC
Sponsors:Cambridge Chapter, of Clinton, SC, SCSSAR

Vice Commander:
JROTC Cadet Lt. Col. Mark H. Freeman
New Caney High School, New Caney, TX
Sponsors:Piney Woods Chapter #51, TXSSAR

JROTC Cadet Major Marquinta Winding
Glen Oaks High Senior High School, Baton Rouge, LA
Sponsors: Gen. Philemon Thomas Chapter,of Baton Rouge, LA, LASSAR

Special Honorable Mention:
JROTC Cadet Major Angela Crumdy
Harry P. Harding University H. S., Charlotte, NC
Sponsors:Mecklenburg Chapter, NCSSAR

Other members of the Honor Legion Class of 2007 are (listed alphabetically by state):

AFJROTC Chief MSGT Amanda Schneider
sponsor:   California Society.

JROTC Cadet Master Sgt. Zuleyma Molina
sponsor:   Connecticut Society.

AFJROTC Cadet 2d. Lt. Tezdy Hernandez
sponsors:  Florida Society.

JROTC Cadet Command SGT. Maj.Adrienne D. Hastings
sponsors:  Georgia Society

NJROTC Cadet CPO Miranda Jasinski
sponsors:  Illinois Society.

NJROTC Cadet LT. Kemry Coleman
sponsors:  Maryland Society

NJROTC Cadet Lt. JG Kristen Stearns
sponsors:  Maine Society.

JROTC Cadet Capt. John Zoppina
sponsors:  New Jersey Society

MCROTC Cadet Capt. Cayla R. Blevins
sponsors:  Ohio Society.

JROTC Cadet 1st Lt. Jason Potts
sponsors:  Pennsylvania Society

JROTC Cadet Maj. Kayla Summers
sponsors:   Tennessee Society.

AFJROTC Cadet 1st Lt. Dennis " Trent" Smith
sponsors:  Utah Society