ROTC / JROTC Recognition Program



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Program and Contest Information


The SAR awards the ROTC Medal to foster the principle of the "citizen-soldier", exemplified by the Minutemen of Revolutionary War days.  This award is presented by a Chapter, a State Society, or the National Society to ROTC or JROTC cadets who are selected for having a high degree of merit with respect to leadership qualities, military bearing and general excellence.  The recipients are selected by the Commanding Officer of the ROTC or JROTC unit, who should be given full latitude in making the selection.

The SAR ROTC Medal is approved by the United States Army, the United States Navy, the United States Marine Corps, and the United States Air Force.  Each service has notified its ROTC and JROTC units of this approval and has authorized presentation to its cadets or midshipmen.  For information regarding support for the U.S. Navy Sea Cadet Corps (NSCC) you can follow the link at the bottom of this page.

For ROTC or JROTC units with fewer than 500 cadets or midshipmen one medal will be awarded each year.  For larger units, one medal may be presented for each 500 students enrolled in the unit.  In cases where a school has more than one ROTC or JROTC unit, each unit is counted separately.   It is desirable to have a medal and ribbon bar on display in a trophy case at each school where it is presented.  This will serve as an incentive to the students and publicize the SAR ROTC program as well.

To view the awards click   JROTC Medals / Ribbons

The ROTC medal is struck on a circular planchet.  The obverse shows a Minuteman holding a rifle and standing next to a plow, with the Liberty Bell in the background.  It is inscribed with the letters "ROTC".   The reverse is inscribed "Awarded for Leadership, Soldierly Bearing and Excellence to _____________."  The medal is suspended from a ribbon of the SAR Colors.  A ribbon bar in the SAR colors is included and a certificate is available as well.

The Silver ROTC Medal is presented only to students in a college or university ROTC unit.  No recipient may receive it more than once.  No miniature medal is available.  The medal was authorized in 1933.

The Bronze JROTC Medal was authorized in 1965, and is presented only to students in secondary school JROTC.  No recipient may receive it more than once.   No miniature medal is available.


The Enhanced JROTC Program

In 1997, President General Carl K. Hoffmann, authorized the enhancement of the JROTC program.  Each SAR chapter will now select an Outstanding JROTC Cadet and enter that cadet into their State Society's Outstanding JROTC Cadet program.

The winner of the State competition will be entered into the National Outstanding JROTC Recognition program.   The winner of the national program will receive a special award at the SAR's National Congress.

The National SAR award is to be presented to the Outstanding Cadet in their next to last year of JROTC (a Third Year Cadet [11th grade] in a four year program).   For a three year JROTC program, a Second Year Cadet may be selected.

Whenever possible, presentation will be made by a member of the SAR at the unit's Spring Awards program.

The enhanced JROTC program has several objectives:

1.  To identify and recognize Outstanding JROTC Cadets at the Chapter, State Society, and National Society levels.  The program has been designed to allow all candidates to be evaluated equally, regardless of the Military Service they represent.

2.  To encourage SAR members to make a personal presentation of the JROTC medal to Outstanding JROTC student in the nation

3.  To encourage SAR chapters to work with JROTC units to determine how best to encourage and recognize these outstanding student citizens and therefore support this exceptional national youth program.


Awards at the Various Levels:

Each cadet chosen to win the award at the JROTC unit level will receive the SAR JROTC (Bronze) Medal.

If there is a Chapter contest (because more than one unit participates in the chapter area) the Outstanding Cadet of the SAR chapter may receive a bronze medallion on a neck ribbon and a ribbon bar with a gold frame and a bronze star to wear on the ribbon bar. The local chapter may also provide a nominal monetary award. If only one unit enters the contest, that entry must go through the chapter for approval in order to advance to the State level contest.

The Outstanding Cadet of the SAR State Society may receive a silver medallion on a neck ribbon, a gold frame for the ribbon bar and a silver star for the ribbon bar. The state society may also provide a monetary award.

The Outstanding Cadet of the Nation will receive a gold medallion on a neck ribbon, a gold frame for the ribbon bar and a gold star for wear on the ribbon bar. As stated above, the National Society will provide a cash award of two thousand dollars ($2,000) and up to one thousand dollars in travel expense funds.

The medals with the suspension ribbon and colored star are discontinued as superfluous.

The 2nd place national award recipient will receive a cash award of $1,000.00 from the NSSAR.

The 3rd place national award recipient will receive a cash award of $500.00 from the NSSAR

For further information about the program in your area contact the SAR contact in your State's Society.


See a list of our Previous National Winners

US Navy Sea Cadet Corps (NSCC) Recognition Program


US Navy Sea Cadets

US Navy Sea Cadet Corps (NSCC)

Effective June 15, 1998 the US Navy Sea Cadet Corps (NSCC) is no longer eligible to receive the SAR JROTC (Bronze) Medal.  The NSCC is an outstanding program and should be supported by recognizing the Outstanding NSCC Cadet with the Bronze Good Citizenship Medal, which is shown below.

Good Citizenship Medal

The SAR Bronze Good Citizenship Medal recognizes persons whose achievements are noteworthy in their school, community or state.  This medal is awarded to both adults and minors.

This medal is authorized for presentation to the US Navy Sea Cadet Corps, to an Outstanding Cadet nominated by his/her Commanding Officer.   The award is in recognition of the Cadet's Leadership, Military Bearing, and Excellence of Character, Scholarship, and Citizenship.

The medal is bronze, struck on a circular planchet and on the obverse is depicted a Minuteman holding a rifle, with a plow and the Liberty Bell in the background.  It is inscribed, with the letters, "Good Citizenship Medal".   The reverse is inscribed "Our inspiration is from the past, our duty is in the present, our hope is in the future."  It is suspended from a ribbon of the SAR colors.  A certificate of recognition accompanies the medal.



JROTC & ROTC State Contacts

ROTC/JROTC Recognition Program Contacts
by State Society



If you cannot locate your local contact for the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution in your area, the list below identifies a contact for each State Society.

For information about the ROTC and JROTC recognition programs please contact the individual listed below for your State.

The following links will Jump you to that part of the list:

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Richard H. Wells
 Chairman, ALSSAR JROTC Program
 137 E Poplar St
 Prattville, AL  36066
Phone: (334) 546-7620
E-mail: vierzonatcharter [dot] net



Walter W. John
6552 Lakeway Dr
Anchorage, AK 99502
Phone: (907) 243-4768
E-mail: walterwjohnatyahoo [dot] com


J. W. Montgomery
Medals and Awards Chairman, ARSSAR
137 Jeri Ln
Mountain Home, AR 72653
Phone: (870) 492-6333
E-mail: jamontatmymtnhome [dot] com


John W. Lyons  
 Phone: (520) 834-5784
E-mail: lyonsj5267atyahoo [dot] com 


Sgt James R. Gill USAF
JROTC Chairman
Phone: (310) 947-1195
E-mail: jamesrgillataol [dot] com


John C. Luedecke
4717 Hackamore Dr North
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Phone: (719) 433-4319
E-mail: jcjmlatme [dot] com


David Perkins
3 Clearview Ave
Bethel, CT 06801
Phone: (203) 797-1967
E-mail: dperkins8atatt [dot] net


Davis Lee Wright
Chairman ROTC / JROTC
P.O. Box 8096
Wilmington, DE  19803
Phone: (302) 584-1686
E-mail: davis [dot] wrightatverizon [dot] net

District of Columbia

Peter Arnett Dixon
111 Duke St
Alexandria, VA 22314-7428
Phone: (703) 549-7428
E-mail: peterdixonatcomcast [dot] net

Col Robert (Rob) D. Pollock USAF (Ret.)
3504 Wilson St
Fairfax, VA 22030-2936
Phone: (703) 385-6135
E-mail: robert [dot] d [dot] pollockatgmail [dot] com


James L. Gibson, Jr.
49 Bamboo Lane
Largo, FL  33770
Phone: (727) 581-2709
Phone: [NC] (828) 456-9025
E-mail: jldvgibsonatmsn [dot] com 


LCDR David G. Jessel
10 College St
Newnan, GA 30263-2006
Phone: (770) 254-8579
E-mail: PTLJesselatcharter [dot] net


COL Arthur N. Tulak GS, USA
c/o 745 Fort St, Ste 311
Honolulu, HI 96813
Phone: (808) 438-7553
Cell:  (808) 469-0058
E-mail:  arthur [dot] n [dot] tulak [dot] milatmail [dot] nil

Christopher Tourtellot
c/o 745 Fort St, Ste 311
Honolulu, HI 96813
Phone Cell: (808) 492-8850
E-mail: tallturtleatyahoo [dot] com


Mike Rowley
Chairman Iowa ROTC Committee
1825 NW 129th St
Clive, IA 50325
Phone: (515) 975-0498
E-mail: MJR1825atgmail [dot] com


Robert Seal
41 Blue Shadow Dr
Garden Valley, ID  83622
Phone: (208) 462-4728
E-mail: bobsealatidahosar [dot] org


CDR Dale Bottom, USNR (Ret.)
606 Burr Ridge Club Dr
Burr Ridge, IL 60527
Phone (630) 887-7465
E-mail: d [dot] bottomatcomcast [dot] net


COL Gary C. Steinhardt (Ret.)
2602 Nottingham Place
West Lafayette, IN 47906-5023
Phone: cell (765)426-5434
(765) 494-8063
E-mail: gsteinhardtatpurdue [dot] edu


LTC Brooks Lyles US Army (Ret.)
2918 Garland St
Leavenworth, KS  66048
Phone: (913) 680-1602
E-mail: brooks [dot] lylesatgmail [dot] com


Tom Geimeier
Chairman, ROTC/JROTC Program
5936 Vice Ln
Burlington, KY 41005
Phone: (859) 760-8832
E-mail: tgeimeierattwc [dot] com


Col. Charles (Sandy) McNeely US Army (Ret.)
Chairman, LASSAR ROTC/JROTC Committee
1276 Highway 494
Natchitoches, LA. 71457-2810
Phone: (318) 352-4897
E-mail: ColGrampawatAOL [dot] com


William E. "Bill" Battles III USMC
33 Marlboro Road
Brewster, MA 02631-2857
Phone: (508) 896-5927
Cell: (508) 737-7561
E-mail: WEBattlesIIIatmassar [dot] org


George Satterthwaite, II
513 Holly Rd
Fort Washington, MD 20744-6606
Phone: (301) 292-1658
E-mail: gs2ndataol [dot] com


Wayne H. Mallar
103 Essex St
Bangor, ME 04401
Phone: (207) 942-6486
E-mail: essex103ataol [dot] com


CDR Laurence Herman USN (Ret.)
MISSAR Secretary
1835 Stonycroft Ln
Bloomfield Hills, MI  48304
Phone: (248) 496-0224
E-mail: lthermanatgmail [dot] com


LTC John Hallberg Jones
2700 E. Minnehaha Pkway
Minneapolis, MN 55406
Phone: (612) 721-4725
E-mail: JohnatGoodNewsProductions [dot] us


Russell F. DeVenney, Jr.
5026 S Hunter Ct
Columbia, MO 65203-9227
Phone: (573) 446-1382
E-mail: rfdjr1atcenturytel [dot] net


Dr. Andrew M. Jones
809 Pecan St
Cleveland, MS 38732
Phone: (662) 843-9088
Cell: (662) 719-6398
E-mail: amjones1atoutlook [dot] com


Dan Hill
PO Box 10755
Bozeman, MT 59719
Phone: (406) 404-1840
Cellphone: (406) 920-1546
Email: extex70atyahoo [dot] com

North Carolina

Guy Chamberlain, III
6332 Woodleigh Oaks Dr
Charlotte, NC 28226
Phone: (704) 543-0720
Cell: (704)-995-6580
Email: gchamberlainatearthlink [dot] net

North Dakota

Keith T. Johnson, D.V.M.
DASSAR Secretary
2436 Canyon Lake Dr
Rapid City, SD 57702-2402
Phone: (605) 343-0596
E-mail: ktjohnatrapidnet [dot] com


Maj John T. Parsons USAR (Ret.)
1512 Beechwood Ave
Papillion, NE  68133-2506
Phone: (402) 339-7565
E-mail: parsonilatq [dot] com

New Hampshire

James Veach

NHSSAR Awards Committee

AwardsatNHSSAR [dot] org

New Jersey

LTC Chris Sands USA Ret.
44 Roger Ave
Cranford, NJ 07016
Phone: (Cell)  (908) 868-1347
E-mail: chrissands44ataol [dot] com

New Mexico

MGYSGT Andrew (Drew) Lyngar USMCR Ret.
200-3 McCombs Rd Box 86
Chaparral, NM  88081
Phone: (636) 295-2154
E-mail: alyngaratearthlink [dot] net


Roger E. Linscott
870 Matterhorn Blvd
Reno, NV 89506-7912
Phone: (775) 972-4628
E-mail: rogerlinsaratgmail [dot] com

New York

Brent Downing
Fairport, NY
Phone: (585) 377-8416
E-mail: bwd65atme [dot] com


Maj. Terry Whetstone, USAF (Ret.)
1761 Golfview Dr
Springfield, OH 45502-7201
Phone: (937) 399-8848
E-mail: tawhetstoneatsbcglobal [dot] net


LtCol Kenneth W. Young, USAF(Ret.)
1218 Richmond Rd
Edmond, OK 73034-3243
Phone: (405) 726-7271
E-mail: kenyoung78atsbcglobal [dot] net


Roger K. Swim
1400 Candlelight Dr SPC 136
Eugene, OR 97402-7410
Phone: (541) 688-8468
E-mail: swimpdxatcomcast [dot] net


Raynold (Ray) L. Prusia, Sr.
15063 Limber Road, Meadville, PA 16335-5331.
Phone: (814) 807-1022
Cell: (814) 547-2730
E-mail: prusiaatreagan [dot] com

RI - no web site
Rhode Island

Maj John C. (JC) Collins USAF (Ret.)
21 Highland Street
Cranston, RI 02920
Phone: (401) 433-4998
Cell: (401) 524-1720
E-mail: john1297atcox [dot] net

South Carolina

Norman B. Pigeon
210 Musgrove Rd
Clinton, SC 29325-2348
Phone: (864) 833-4404
E-mail: nbpigeonatyahoo [dot] com

South Dakota

Keith T. Johnson, D.V.M.
DASSAR Secretary
2436 Canyon Lake Dr
Rapid City, SD 57702-2402
Phone: (605) 343-0596
E-mail: ktjohnatrapidnet [dot] com


Dr. Raymond A.Clapsadle, MSgt USMC (Ret.)
48 Redthorn Cove
Cordova, TN  38018
Phone: (901) 754-6383
E-mail: raclpsdlatatt [dot] net


John Kenton Thompson
10 Gate Hill Dr
The Woodlands, TX 77381
Phone: (281) 367-9627
E-mail: johnkthompsonatrocketmail [dot] com

 UT - no web site

Maj Kit K. Workman USAF (Ret.)   
2067 West 470 North  
West Point, UT 84015
Phone: (801) 402-8200
E-mail: kworkman1ataol [dot] com 


LTC James Lambert Barr US Army (Ret.)
VTSSAR ROTC Program Chairman
21 Chase St
Burlington, VT 05401
Phone: (802) 860-9926
E-mail: jlbarrataol [dot] com
CPT Zachariah LaVerne Fike, US Army 
VTSSAR JROTC Program Chairman
26 Decatur St
Burlington, VT 05401
Phone: (315) 523-3609
E-mail: crossfitnationathotmail [dot] com


Spurgeon C. Keith
5107 Hunting Hills Dr
Roanoke, Virginia 24018
Phone: (540) 725-4321
E-mail: sckeithjratcox [dot] net


CDR Alan Mandigo USN Ret.
4610 29th Ave. NE
Tacoma, WA 98422
Phone: (253)-571-3094
Home: (253)-568-6544
Cell: (253)-241-9502
E-mail: cdrammatoutlook [dot] com

West Virginia

Richard (Rick) L. Greathouse
 16 Twin Oaks Dr
Clindenin, WV 25045
Phone: (304) 395-5425
E-mail: rickatgreathouse [dot] us


Randolf Lee Will
9706 Alderson St Apt 8
Schofield, WI 54476
Phone: (715) 348-6847
E-mail: trapperiveracresatpeoplepc [dot] com


Ronald Steffensmeier
Wyoming ROTC Chairman
1444 East Sunlight Dr
Casper, WY 82601-5059
Phone: (307) 235-4769
E-mail:  DblDimondataol [dot] com




ROTC/JROTC Recognition Program Selection Process


Selection criteria (primarily left up to the Senior Military Science Instructor) should include merit in patriotism, leadership, military bearing, scholarship and general excellence.

An application ( Nomination form with attachments) should be completed by the Senior Military Science Instructor and forwarded to the local SAR contact on all nominees.  The Nomination form is available for download at the bottom of this page.

For the State contest each cadet must submit an original essay on the topic "How JROTC has prepared me to be a better citizen of the United States".   The essay may be done on a computer, typewriter, or by hand (in black ink).   This essay will also be used in the National contest.  If there is a Chapter contest, Chapters may also require this essay.




You can find the Nomination Form here

ROTC/JROTC Recognition Program Timetable


At the beginning of the school year each Chapter should contact the Senior or District Instructor of the local JROTC unit(s).  Throughout the year the chapter should remain in contact with the administrators of the school and the JROTC unit, providing support for other programs and discussing plans for this program.  The chapter should have the school administration, along with the instructors of the JROTC unit, evaluate candidates based on the criteria listed below and select one nominee for each JROTC unit (battalion, squadron, etc.).  If the chapter supports several JROTC units, it should run a local contest to select the best cadet, since only one cadet per chapter may advance to the state competition.  The chapter contest must have only SAR members as judges, and all contests should be administered using the guidelines listed below.

All State Society Contests must be completed and the National Contest entry packet must be forwarded to the NSSAR Executive Director to be in his office No later than May 1 each year.  As soon as the Outstanding Cadet in the Nation is selected the Chapter sponsoring that cadet will be contacted so that it can coordinate the Cadet's travel to the NSSAR Annual Congress.

The cadet will be flown to the NSSAR Congress to attend, receive his / her award, and be recognized by the National Society Sons of the American Revolution.  The award will be the National JROTC Medallion and a check for $2,000.00.

An additional amount, not to exceed $1,000.00, of expense money will be provided to pay for the combined travel, taxi to and from the airport, hotel and related meals for both the Cadet and his / her chaperone.  Expenses in excess of the $1,000.00 will be the responsibility of the Cadet.  It is suggested that additional assistance might be made available from the sponsoring Chapter or Society - but it is not mandatory.  The travel expenses related to the respective State Conventions will be at the discretion of the said State Societies.