New Member Application Checklist

1. _____ One watermarked original application form.

2. _____ The official form is to be TYPED, using a BLACK ink ribbon or computer generated.

3. _____ There must be five (5) signatures on the new application.

4. _____ The Member's National Number shall be entered on Supplemental Applications.

5. _____ Photocopies of proofs for each generation should be marked so as to identify the specific generation.

6. _____ If applicant is using SAR, DAR, or C.A.R., papers for proof, is the appropriate National Number entered for each generation it is being used to support?  RECORD copies are required when using C.A.R. or DAR papers as proof of lineage.

7. _____ All available information and detailed facts should be entered one each and every generation back to the patriot ancestor.