Frequency of Publication

The time and frequency of your chapter's publication should be based on the schedule of its activities.  If you hold regular monthly meetings, you should publish monthly.  If, however, your meetings are bi-monthly your newsletter should be published at least bi-monthly.  If you meet on a quarterly basis or only on special occasions, your publication should be scheduled in accordance with these meetings.  Regardless of your particular schedule of meetings, two aspects of publishing frequency should be noted.  First, the best form of communication is regular and the standard of regularity exists with the calendar itself.  A monthly newsletter is best.  Second, when conforming to your chapter's schedule of activities, your newsletter should proceed a planned event.  Ideally, a publication announcing a meeting or other event should arrive at its readership several weeks to a month before the event it announces.

A few chapters have elected to issue a quarterly publication in addition to their monthly communications.  In this case, the quarterly bulletin is projected as a permanent record of the chapter and its activities.  Where the monthly newsletter is simple in design and functions primarily as a tool to inform the membership of forthcoming meetings and other current news, the quarterly is somewhat more ambitious in projection.  It is usually far more elaborate in preparation.   It usually contains photographs, articles devoted to chapter events and other items of permanent interest.  A monthly publication deals with current news.   A quarterly publication is aimed at the chapter's archives.