Those people who will eventually read your publication are the ones who will determine its tone.  All too often, a person will write something while thinking only of what he wants to say, not of who he wants to listen.   This is self-expression.  It is not communication.  If you plan to limit your newsletter and direct it strictly to your chapter's members, it can be written in a familiar, intimate tone.  We believe it is far more beneficial to think in a larger area of readership.  It is a matter not merely of communication but of simple courtesy to send copies of your chapter's publication to your state officers.  You might want to send copies to other chapters.   You should send a copy to the Library of the National Society.  You may send the letter to prospective members to show what activities your chapter conducts and what the organization is all about.  Each event must be described and explained clearly and thoroughly and that each individual in every picture must be identified exactly.