Makeup, Layout and Content

Although these three elements go hand-in-hand, they are frequently misunderstood and confused with one another.  Definitions are in order.

Makeup: is the overall pattern of any publication.  It involves the placement of item A before item C and after item H.  One publication's makeup may indicate a list of newly elected officers before an announcement of awards.   Another publication may do the opposite.  Makeup involves placement within the overall publication.

Layout : refers to exactly how an individual page or pair of pages is presented to the reader.  One layout will have a picture in the upper right corner of the paper and the copy explaining that picture under it.  Another layout might have the copy beside the picture.  Still another might want to devote all of the left hand page to the picture and all of the right hand page to the copy.  The placement of visual elements such as photographs, drawings and copy on a page or pair of pages is the layout of those pages.

Content : refers to all within the publication.  It might mean six photographs and thirty inches of copy, it might be referred to as a listing of sub-titles.   Content is not only what appears in the table of contents but the pictures and word blocks as well.

Makeup, layout and content are separate and distinct but must work together.   Allied and in mutual cooperation, they create the format of your publication.   The way these elements are handled determines the harmony or discord of your publication.

At this point let's concentrate on content.  Top priority mu