The name of your chapter's newsletter is vitally important.  Titles should be selected with critical care.  A good title must reflect not only the contents of the publication it labels, but the attitudes of those who will read it.  The title should be one which will identify your chapter to the exclusion of all others.

You might wish to include a word from your chapter's name.  This is frequently quite helpful.  Sometimes however, this approach is difficult.   Perhaps your chapter is composed of members from an area represented by a certain symbol which will, in turn, indicate the principles espoused by your newsletter.   Each city and state has its own animal, flower and slogan.  Perhaps one of these will prove beneficial in your newsletter's title.

You might wish to use one of the many words associated with the Sons of the American Revolution as a whole, or with the nation itself.  Perhaps your chapter is composed of men living in an area near the site of a famous revolutionary battleground or identifies with a particular individual or group of individuals who struggled for our freedom.

Whatever title you select should be held up to long and careful scrutiny.   The format and content of the newsletter may change over the years, but the title will usually remain consistent.  It must have a solid- and timelessness which can endure.  Ask yourself:

  1. Is it a title applicable to the present as well as the future?
  2. Does it indicate the tone and content of the entire publication?
  3. Does it reflect the spirit of your chapter's membership as well as the spirit of the SAR as a whole?
  4. Is it clear, precise and easily understood?

By way of a warning, we suggest that "cute" or humorous titles should be used only on "cute" and humorous publications.  Certainly, a chapter's newsletter may contain bits of humor or less than 100% serious observations from its members, but the overall tone of the publication should be an example of overall meaning to the SAR as espoused in our National Goals.

Examples of Newsletter Titles