Junior Membership

Junior Membership
in the Sons of the American Revolution


A Junior member is defined as a male under the age of eighteen (18) who files the appropriate lineage and is required to pay annual dues.  

There are three paths for a Junior member to apply.  Please review each when determining the cost involved in your case.  

1.  Establishing a New Lineage or Patriot Ancestor - If you are applying as a Junior member and the ancestor you are applying under has not been documented or approved through the SAR, DAR or C.A.R. in the past, then the application cost involved will be as shown below:


2.  When using a lineage which has already been accepted by the Sons of the American Revolution or Daughters of the American Revolution, a record copy of the referenced SAR or DAR application must be provided with the documentation.   The following are the typical cost involved:


3.  A current active member of the N.S.C.A.R. may become a Junior member of the SAR by completing his SAR application, supplying his Birth Certificate and a copy of his Member of Good Standing card.  The following are the typical cost involved:

A brochure on the Junior Membership and Youth Registrant Program is also available.

Pamphlet can be found in the forms section (or downloaded here)

Each Junior member's annual dues are for the calendar year in which his application is approved by the National Society and is included with the application fee.


Checks should be for your application fees and dues.  There is usually one check to the Chapter, one to the State Society, and one to the National Society.   Each branch of the organization may have an application fee component and an annual dues component that will be different than what is shown.


Submit the completed application form to your sponsoring Chapter for approval, (your helper will likely do this) and it will be forwarded to the State Society and then to NSSAR Headquarters in Louisville for final approval.  Do Not send the application and fees directly to the National organization.  They must come to the National organization from a State Society.