Colorado State Outreach

Colorado Society Sons of the American Revolution Educational Outreach State Public School Profile

Number of students  876,999
Number of schools       1830
Number of school districts         184

The Colorado State Board of Education sets standards.  School districts within the state are Independent School Districts and control their own curriculum and selection of texts.  In most districts access to any one department is controlled by an officer for that study field.  Access for our educational programs is therefore a school district by school district proposition.   American History is taught in the fifth and eighth grades.  The fifth grade covers the American Revolution in the late spring. The eight grade covers the American Revolution in the early fall. Historical Programs presented by the Colorado Society are limited to access by local chapters

JROTC/ROTC Recognition Program
Currently the Colorado Society enlists the support of all its chapters to provide presenters at the 50 Universities and High School in Colorado which have JROTC/ROTC programs on their campus. The Recognition consist of presenting Bronze or Silver medals to the outstanding Cadets and Midshipmen
at their respective Educational institution. The Colorado Society represents the National Society at the United Air Force Academy Cadet Recognition program. 
Patriot Chests Colonial Life Program
Three of the four chapters maintain a trunk of clothing, foods, utensils, housewares, games and other period reproductions.   Presentations are given to class groups both fifth and eighth grade.   Most often these presentations are in coordination with Patriot Day celebrations. 
Genealogy Research Assistance Program
All four chapters and the state registrar have assistance programs for anyone (all ages) interested in hereditary research. Speakers Bureau
All four chapters have programs where SAR members will go and speak on a variety of topics before clubs, churches, hereditary chapters and schools.
George Washington Portrait Program
COSSAR supported 12 schools display  National History Day Members volunteer as judges for the National/Colorado History Day in March.
Eagle Scout Recognition Program
COSSAR has a Eagle Scout Committee Chairman plus each chapter has a Eagle Scout Representative. Each year each chapter will recognize the outstanding Eagle Scout from their Geographical area. COSSAR pick the State winner from the  Chapter selectees every February.  
COSSAR Living History & Reenactments
Members participate in the Living History annual demonstrations at Ft. Lupton, Highlands Ranch, Rockledge Ranch, and Frontier Days in Cheyenne.  Our members talk with school groups and the public demonstrating the daily life of the Revolutionary soldier and their family hardships.  History brochures provided
COSSAR Color Guard participates in five annual parades/demonstrations